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iPad 2 VPN

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Configuring VPN on iPad 2

iPad 2 VPN

iPad 2 VPN

Setting up involves simple easy-to-follow instructions. It does not require any technical steps as some people might think. Follow the simple steps given below and you have got your VPN configured on your iPad 2.

Step 1: Go to the Settings page of your iPad2

Step 2: This step would require you to select General.

Step 3:  Select Network to open network settings

Step 4: In this step, you would select VPN

Step 5:  Now, you would select “Add VPN Configuration”. Then, type in all the requisite details to establish your VPN connection.

Step 6: Here, select PPTP as it is the usual protocol used with devices like iPad 2.

Step 7: Add your VPN configuration as given to you by your VPN provider.

Step 8: Here, you will select a Name for your VPN connection in the Description field. One can choose any name one like.

Step 9:  In the server name field, you would provide the name given by your VPN provider.

Step 10:  Fill in other relevant details like Your Account Name and Password which are also provided by your VPN provider.

Step 11: In this step, you will turn our RSA Secure ID to off after providing relevant details in preceding three fields.

Step 12: Now set encryption level to Auto and select “Send All Traffic” to “ON”.

 Step 13: Save your Settings after filling-in all your configuration details. Go to Home menu of your iPad 2.

Step 14: As the VPN connection has been set up, you just have to set VPN connection to On to start browsing with VPN.

Step 15: Moreover, you will also see VPN icon appearing in your status bar.

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